An Alien Autopsy Image Examination

      In November of 1997,  I completed an extensive examination of the images that appear in the alien autopsy footage. I completed and distributed a report called  "Shadows of Doubt" at that time.  The following pages contain some of the points from that examination.
    It is not possible nor intended to cover all of the research in this medium.  In these pages I am including items that are easy to see in the video, and require no special equipment. All that is needed is a copy of the alien autopsy video and a VCR with still frame or slow motion options.

    It is very important that this summary be used only as a guide and that all the points be looked up in the video itself. Converting images to use in this media creates considerable distortion. It is also important to see the context that these images appear in the video and to see that they are not out of context.

   The Santilli version of the alien autopsy film called "Roswell: The Footage" is the only version that has  actual reel numbers between the reels.  It is necessary that a copy of the video be examined and the pictures in this summary be used only as a guide. Any version will do as the reel numbers are not as significant as the image content of the reels.   
 Summary of Shadows report

 "Blood knife" evidence
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